CHEQUER signed a contract to supply AI and Data security solutions to VESSL AI

18/04/2023 23:36:09

imgae : QueryPie Architecture
credit : QueryPie

CHEQUER, Inc, a cloud data security solution startup, announced on the 13th that it has signed a contract with VESSL AI, a machine learning development platform, to provide a 'QueryPie' solution for data security in AI services. 

Through this agreement, CHEQUER will provide an enhanced data security environment by linking the mutual technologies of AI development, operation ,data security, and governance. It will apply a security system throughout the AI development process that combines machine learning operations and security operations, and build a governance solution that complies with international standard security regulations. 

The solution supply agreement follows the signing of an MOU between the two companies in February to cooperate on data security for AI services. Since March, the PoC for the introduction of the solution has been conducted, and preliminary work such as simulated hacking, CSPM, and cloud security checks have been carried out. By the end of the year, QueryPie's data access control solution (QueryPie DAC) and SaaS access control solution (QueryPie SAC) will be built sequentially in a total of three phases. 

With the introduction of QueryPie, a security solution developed by CHEQUERVESSL AI plans to provide more advanced services in ISM required for AI development, data security in hybrid development environments, enhanced access control of large-scale learning data, and security of AI models and data, which are core assets of customers. 

"As QueryPie is optimized with compliance and governance solutions that exceed international standards such as ISO certification, auditing, and CDPP (Cloud Data Protection Platform), its application to a wider range of industries including AI and machine learning will accelerate," said Inseo Hwang, CEO of CHEQUER

QueryPie, a data governance solution, provides an integrated solution that helps organizations work with data safely from data access to analysis and security, regardless of development environment. Currently, more than 50 customers including Kakao Enterprise, Kakao Pay, MUSINSA, Hyperconnect, Dunamu, Karrot, Coinone, HYBE, and other leading domestic and international e-commerce, fintech, platform services, and entertainment companies are using QueryPie.

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