Tuesday, May 28, 2024

RNR Unveils New Fintech Platform for Film Copyright ‘Cine Marketplace 2.0’ at CES 2023

Cine Marketplace 2.0, a Revolution in Film Copyright Ecosystem

RNR, a content technology company, unveiled a new fintech platform for film copyrights ‘Cine Marketplace 2.0’ at CES 2023.

The new Cine Marketplace 2.0 (CMP2.0) is a fintech platform that allows individuals to invest and trade partial ownership stakes in film copyrights. This ownership allows for financial benefits over the copyrights’ 70-year life span.

Through collaboration with a major securities firm in South Korea based on blockchain technology, CMP 2.0 plans to launch its beta service in the second half of 2023.

RNR runs by founder and CEO Ray Seok, a successful and respected South Korean. RNR designs, builds and operates more than 2,500 commercial movie theatre screens across Asia. The company also offers proprietary content delivery platforms and theatre operation automation solutions.

RNR’s premium bespoke micro cinema solution, MONOPLEX is a one-stop shop, playing First-run Hollywood films in location partners’ commercial venues. Partnered hotels, resorts and high-end community centers are able to run Hollywood movies at the same time as traditional multiplex cinemas.

MONOPLEX manages cinema remotely. MONOPLEX handles ticketing, film licensing, box office settlements, and reporting. Partners can seamlessly operate a genuine commercial cinema. Cine Marketplace 1.0 has been handling MONOPLEX’s content management.

RNR booth is located at Eureka Park in CES 2023.

MONOPLEX : https://en.monoplex.com/