Monday, June 10, 2024


Device subscription service 'phoneGO' secures investment from Primer and DCamp

credit : phoneGO

Refurbished electronic device subscription service, phoneGO, has announced that it has secured investments from Primer and Dcamp. The company behind phoneGO, Pierrot Company Inc. (CEO Minjin Park), offers a service where customers can subscribe starting from as low as 300 KRW per day or purchase refurbished electronic devices on installments.

phoneGO provides an affordable solution for MZ generation users who prioritize experience and cost-effectiveness, by offering refurbished high-end devices that have undergone a strict refurbishment process to ensure their quality is restored to new product standards. Refurbished products are those that have been returned due to defects or customer returns, and then restored to a like-new condition for resale.

With a network of over 500 repair centers nationwide, phoneGO provides a 1-year quality guarantee service called "phoneGO Care," which allows customers to have their devices repaired free of charge if any problems arise during their use. This has garnered explosive interest from customers who can use their devices with peace of mind. In addition to the subscription service, phoneGO also offers thrifty phone plans, used device purchase services, and repair services.

Since launching the subscription service, phoneGO has achieved a growth rate of over 10% in new contracts every week, and has rapidly expanded its membership to over 9,000 people. The company has also launched a B2B subscription service for corporate customers, offering device subscription services to various industries, including academies, cafes, restaurants, startups, and IT companies.

CEO Park stated that the two missions of Pierrot Company are to allow anyone to benefit from smart devices and to establish a sustainable ecosystem for IT devices. He also expressed his ambition to lead the resource circulation market through pioneering the refurbished electronic device market. With the investment, the phoneGO team plans to focus on device procurement and marketing activities.

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