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Global K-Beauty distribution startup Signature Label raises pre-seed funding round

photo : Signature Label Co-founders

Global K-Beauty distribution startup Signature Label announced that it has raised pre-seed investment from D-camp (Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs)and angel Investors. The investment amount remains undisclosed.

Signature Label is a startup founded in March 2023. It distributes K-Beauty brand products worldwide, starting with the robust Hallyu (Korean Wave) markets such as Vietnam and Indonesia. Leveraging its validated network, it connects trustworthy local partners, assists in channel management and brand building, and helps establish marketing, distribution strategies, and pricing policies, saving time in the process.

Currently, in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, where B2B distributors lead the cosmetics market, Signature Label is building partnerships with top-tier beauty commerce platforms, focusing on the characteristics of the offline market. It plans to introduce Korean products to global consumers in line with evolving K-Beauty trends and aims to create the most influential K-Beauty brand by connecting brands to over 100 distribution channels in various countries.

Signature Label was founded by Jimmy Lee, the former executive of B2Link, who successfully led the expansion of domestic cosmetic brands 'Skin1004' and '9wishes' in Southeast Asia, Jinny Kim, the co-founder from BluePoint Partners, a leading domestic startup accelerator, and Jason Chang, director of Jayjun Cosmetics, who joined forces with enthusiasm.

In February, during the pre-launch phase, Signature Label was selected as a finalist team in the "D-Day Global League," a startup competition hosted by D-camp, overcoming a competition rate of 15 to 1, and received recognition for the potential of its business. They are also preparing for the upcoming launch of their in-house brand, "Zigtag," targeting global consumers in June.

The investment team from D-camp stated, "Based on Signature Label's solid network in the global distribution market and their experience in the cosmetics industry, we believe they can rapidly execute global expansion and achieve growth."

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