Saturday, June 15, 2024


Seadronix Innovates Maritime Navigation with AI Technology: Introducing the Rec-SEA Plugin

Seadronix has launched the Rec-SEA Plugin, an innovative AI software heralding a new era of intelligent maritime navigation (Graphic: Seadronix Corp.)

Seadronix, a leader in AI maritime solutions, has launched the Rec-SEA Plugin, a state-of-the-art AI software that transforms regular ships into smart ships. Utilizing existing onboard sensors, such as LiDAR and RADAR, the Rec-SEA Plugin offers enhanced safety and efficiency across maritime operations.

The plugin features five modules designed to augment navigation and safety. These modules provide key functions such as generating precise 3D maritime maps, optimizing navigation paths, detecting maritime objects and personnel, and enabling real-time tracking of multiple objects around the ship. Each module represents a step towards integrating AI and Robotics within the maritime domain, showcasing Seadronix's innovative technologies.

This innovation was recognized with a CES 2024 Innovation Award in the Unmanned and Drones category. The Rec-SEA Plugin was showcased at the Sea Japan Exhibition and Singapore Maritime Week 2024, where Seadronix's COO, Kyongsoo Noh, delivered a keynote speech.

Seadronix's CEO, Byelteo Park, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, saying, “The introduction of the Rec-SEA Plugin is a monumental step towards autonomous maritime navigation. It embodies our vision of equipping navigators with cutting-edge tools to maximize vessel potential, assist navigators to reduce errors, and thereby enhance safety and operational efficiency.”

Kyongsoo Noh, the COO, also noted the significance of their participation in Singapore Maritime Week, saying, “Presenting our latest technology at such a prestigious event is a proud moment for us. Our commitment to developing leading AI-enabled solutions is unwavering, and we aim to propel the maritime industry into a new era of innovation and safety.”

The Rec-SEA Plugin is now available, with the first international installations anticipated in the latter half of 2024. By integrating AI into everyday maritime operations, Seadronix is not just innovating for the present but is steering the future course of the entire industry towards a smarter and safer maritime future.

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