Saturday, June 15, 2024


Marq Vision provides AI-based ‘impersonation blocking service'

impersonation blocking service

On May 7, artificial intelligence company Marq Vision announced the launch of an impersonation blocking service that detects and removes posts and websites that impersonate celebrities, companies, and organizations.

Marq Vision's  impersonation blocking serviceService includes the following features

AI-based domain screening and logo detection: Detects more than 99% of domains worldwide, even intentionally misspelled domains, and accurately identifies impersonation sites through automated logo recognition.

Multilingual support and broad channel integration: Supports over 15 languages and integrates with over 1500 channels including search engines, websites, and social media to detect multilingual fraudulent ads and posts.

Customized removal methods and UDRP support: Depending on the type of impersonation and channel characteristics, we apply various removal methods such as reporting, blocking, and domain closure, and provide UDRP services to reclaim the domain rights of impersonation websites.

Marq Vision.'s impersonation blocking service has already been utilized by various industries such as internet banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, and broadcasters, and has proven effective in preventing brand value loss and customer damage for domestic and foreign fashion, living, securities, finance, and cryptocurrency companies.

"Our impersonation blocking service helps companies manage their IP lifecycle, and through continuous product enhancements, we will contribute to solving comprehensive IP-related issues faced by companies," said Mark Lee, CEO of Marq Vision.

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